How is VenueScanner commission calculated?

The "Total Fee" is the amount which will be payable by the Event Organiser to the Venue Host.

It is comprised of:

1. The Venue Hire Fee

2. The VenueScanner Commission, currently set at 10% of the ex VAT Total Fee

3. Where applicable, any Payment Processor fees or charges (currently set at 0% of the Venue Hire Fee)

4. Where applicable, any applicable taxes on the Venue Hire Fee, the VenueScanner Commission and the Payment Processor fees or charges.

Here is a worked example:

Venue Hire Fee                                                                           £1000 ex VAT / £1200 inc VAT

VenueScanner Commission using VS Direct (10% of £1000)    £100 ex VAT / £120 inc VAT

Payment Processor fees / charges                                             £0 ex VAT / £0 inc VAT

Total Fee                                                                                     £1100 ex VAT / £1320 inc VAT

Should you be interested in a discounted commission rate, we'd encourage you to check out our premium subscription plans here or send us an email at

The VenueScanner Commission will be calculated based on the higher of either (a) the Total Fee detailed in the Agreement or (b) the final spend incurred by the Event Organiser with the Venue in relation to the Agreement. 

If the Venue Host and Event Organiser include any additional paid services within the Agreement (such as catering food and beverages, equipment hire, accommodation or other professional services), charges for these services must be included within the final and accepted Total Fee. The VenueScanner Commission percentage will be calculated against the Total Fee inclusive of any additional paid services. If the value of these services is not known at the time of an Agreement, any outstanding VenueScanner Commission will be collected when the final Total Fee amount is confirmed and finalised.

If an Agreement is made on an Offer for which the event date is within 96 hours of the initial Offer, we reserve the right to charge VenueScanner Urgent Commission rate, which is typically 50% higher than the regular commission rate stated above.

Any other questions you may have about the calculation of commission, please check our Ts & Cs or get in touch at

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